Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Equality Policy:

Trent Sea Training is committed to equality of opportunity and aims to ensure that all present and potential participants, members, instructors, coaches, competitors, officials, volunteers and employees are treated fairly and on an equal basis, irrespective of sex, age, disability, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, gender reassignment or social status.

Trent Sea Training supports the RYA Equality Policy “The RYA will relax regulations in relation to RYA training schemes which may inhibit the performance of candidates with special needs, provided that the standard, quality and integrity of schemes and assessments are not compromised.”

Trent Sea Training will make reasonable adjustments to our course completion assessment methodology for candidates with disabilities to avoid such candidates having a significant disadvantage over persons not having such disabilities. If appropriate, any assistance may be noted on the course completion certificate.

Students are asked to indicate on the application form if they have any special needs or medical conditions and if assistance is required.

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Children: For the purposes of this policy anyone under the age of 18 should be considered as a child. Trent Sea Training only accepts students aged 16 years and over. For students under 18 years old parental approval in writing is required. Parents will be given a copy of this safeguarding policy.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults: In the context of this section ‘vulnerable adult’ includes any person with learning disabilities, or who has difficulty communicating, or who relies upon others to provide personal care.

Trent Sea Training will take all reasonable steps to ensure that, through appropriate procedures and training, both children and vulnerable adults who participate in our activities do so in a safe environment. We recognise safety and welfare of the children and vulnerable adults is paramount and that all such members, whatever their age, gender, disability, culture, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, social status or sexual identity, have the right to protection from abuse.

It is preferred that when a vulnerable adult attends the club that their legal guardian or carer is present during the course.

Cancellation Policy:

For a cancellation more than 4 weeks prior to the classroom course you may apply for a 50% refund. Less than 4 weeks prior to the course Trent Sea Training will normally regard the payment made as non-refundable.

If the reasons for your cancellation are covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges. A cancellation invoice will be issued on request.

Consideration will be given to all cases where classroom non-attendance is unavoidable and is notified at the earliest opportunity prior to the course so it may be offered to another student. A place on the next course may be offered as an alternative to a refund.  An administrative charge of £10 may be levied.

No refunds can be given for online courses. If for whatever reason you transfer to a different course than that originally booked it will be consider a new booking.

If we cancel your course: Arrangements for courses are made many months in advance. We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel a course or your booking. If we cancel your booking our liability is limited to monies already paid, which will be refunded. We may offer as an alternative a replacement course, which you may choose to accept in place of a refund. Such an offer once accepted, constitutes a new booking subject to all the aforesaid terms and conditions. Occasionally we may need to make changes which may include but are not limited to a] a change of venue; b] change of instructor. Such matters do not constitute conditions of the contract and changes to them by us do not constitute a cancellation.

COVID-19 Policy: If the course has to be cancelled due to Coronavirus restrictions you will be entitled to a refund minus the cost of the SRC VHF radio books if already received or alternatively you will be offered the option of the online course or a rebooking for a future classroom course. Further guidelines on attendance and protective equipment will be issued to booked attendees prior to course running.

Complaints Policy:

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the course please put your complaint in writing and send by e-mail to the Principal at trentseatraining@outlook.com. Alternatively you can contact the RYA at training@rya.org.uk ; telephone 02380604181                            

Privacy Policy:

Trent Sea Training will only use the personal information that you give us for purposes in connection with the training and services we provide.  We do not share this information with any other organisation, except where we are required to inform the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) – for example, to confirm the award of certain certificates. The RYA may also contact students for quality assurance purposes. For information on how the RYA will deal with your data please see the RYA’s Privacy Policy at www.rya.org.uk/go/privacy.

We normally retain records for a period of 5 years before deletion. You may at any time request deletion of your data, but this would mean that Trent Sea Training would be unable to replace or verify a certificate in the future.